Noise – Episode October 12, 2023

Chris Dadge, Chris Seis, Jonathon Wilke, Josh Cole are guests talking about Nakatani gong Orchestra playing October 23 and Josh Cole Kind Mind on October 29 Please go and support live music!!


  • One
    Kris Tiner Tatsuya Nakatani • The Magic Room
  • Spirit Gradient
    Jocelyn Morlock SHHH!! Ensemble • Meanwhile
  • Don't say a Word
    Annika Socolofsy and Latitude 49 • Don't Say A Word
  • the bar
    Josh Cole Kind Mind • Kind Mind
  • tired
    Josh Cole Kind Mind • Kind Mind
  • Live
    Nakatani Gong Orchestra • live concert at Silo City
  • Africa Calling
    Beverly Glenn-Copeland • The Ones Ahead
  • State of Corn
    Sarah Albu & Gayle Young • According to the Moon
  • Spore
    Eve Egoyan & Mauricio Pauly • Hopeful Monster