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Oddities of Violence

Hosted By: Gavin Cameron, Joshua D. Goldstein, Maureen Hiebert

In each episode, your Oddities of Violence hosts interview an expert studying terrorism, genocide, or the philosophy of violence, exploring overlooked or under-appreciated examples that challenge how we think about the boundaries of violence. We cover topics ranging from the Peloponnesian War, the anxieties of the Roman Empire, and panic over organized arson in early-modern European, to Jewish anti-Fascist violence, starvation and revolution in Khmer Rouge Cambodia, and the role of “magical thinking” in modern violence, up to new legal interpretations of Indigenous genocide in North America, on-line violent extremism, and the meaning and uses of the idea of the New to make sense of contemporary protest and violence.

Your Hosts are Gavin Cameron, Joshua D. Goldstein, and Maureen Hiebert, all from the Dept. of Political Science at UCalgary. The producer and lead Research Assistant is Alejandra Vivas Suarez.

Artwork by Leanna Santucci. Music by Kai Engel from the Free Music Archive.

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