Poser Radio – Episode November 30, 2022

Today was supposed to be metal but I failed spectacularly, so instead we're listening to some more punk to boil your blood on a cold November afternoon. Tracks include female rage, local bands with a sense of humour, and misleading album covers.


  • Neurotic Pleasures
    Electric Frankenstein • Listen Up, Baby
  • Shout Your Assault
    The Shiverettes • Dead Men Can't Cat Call
  • Buford
    Judy and the Jerks • Music To Go Nuts
  • Loser Love
    Sick Bags • Only the Young Die Good
  • The Good Disciple
    Red Dons • The Dead Hand of Tradition
  • Teacher Say
    The Getmines • Lookin' Cool
  • Bigger Bombs for a Better Tomorroww
    Knucklehead • Hearts on Fire
  • Lost Boy
    Meisha & The Spanks • Girls Girls Girls
  • Small Victory
    The Foul English • The Foul English
  • The Battle of Rey Ordonez
    Isotopes • Nuclear Strikezone
  • Line In The Sand
    Mystery Actions • Mass Hysteria
  • Ms Death Texas
    The Atom Age • Hot Shame
  • Takin It Back
    Criminal Kids • Criminal Kids
  • In Death
    The Steve Adamyk Band • Paradise
  • Witchia
    Scrunchies • Stunner
  • Midnight Lucifer
    Killer Hearts • Skintight Electric
  • Chemical Delight
    Red Ram • Ride to Weeping Wall
  • Never Say Never
    Self-Cut Bangs • Circle Around The Free
  • Megaphone Mouth
    Stucco • ep1