Poser Radio – Episode December 28, 2022

Program: Poser Radio

Length: 60 minutes

It's the last episode of the year! Here's a handpicked selection of Poser Radio favourites from the CJSW chartlist and my travels around town, curated by the most qualified poser in town. Happy New Years, ya filthy animal!


  • Push Myself Away
    The Trade-Offs • let go, give in, fall down
  • To The Grave
    Ill Defined • Bury Me Next To Yours
  • Today Is The Day
    Family Dinner • Family Dinner
  • Infero
    Da'at • The Hissing House
    25 Cigarettes • 25 Cigarettes
  • Just The One Of Us
    Kitty Prozac • None Shall Be Afraid
  • Lesson In Love
    Rebel Priest • LESSON IN LOVE
  • One In The Same
    BRKN Love • Black Box
  • Diamond Cutter
    Chiliocosm • (un)orthodox
  • Metro
    The Jins • 7"
  • The Changer
    EVOLFO • The Changer
  • I Love Fat
    Fresh Wax • Fresh Wax
  • California Cars
    Mixed Blame • Bottle Rocket - EP