Poser Radio – Episode January 11, 2023

Enough themes! Today we're taking a look at some post-punk that doesn't fit the super gothic, vampiric vibes that I usually associate with post-punk. There's some really quirky ones in here, so if you're like other girls I advise skipping this episode.


  • For A Friend
    gladie • Don’t Know What You’re In Until You’re Out
  • The Setting Sunrise
    The Casual Dots • Sanguine Truth
  • Stare at Ur Phone Till U Die
    Gratuitous Platypus • If I Smile, Can I Go?
  • Hydrodynamic
    Anchoress • Stay Positive
  • Avenir
    SYNDROME 81 • Prisons imaginaires
  • Invasion of the Party Poopers
    The Ringwalds • Invasion of the Party Poopers
  • What Would You Like Me To Do?
    Meat Wave • Malign Hex
  • Teenie's Town
    Stripmall • Surrounding Area
  • Reach Through the Midnight
    The Drin • Down River In the Distance
  • Citronella
    Piss For Pumpkin • Scared To Die
  • People Watching
    Ganser • Nothing You Do Matters
  • Paint It Red
    Schedule 1 • 7"
  • Suspens
    La Securité • Try Again/Suspes
  • Crisis
    Clergy • Clergy