Poser Radio – Episode February 15, 2023

It's still Black History Month so we're still listening to Black artists! We've expanded outside the punk confines because apparently Black alts veer more towards metal. Nonetheless, we're kicking it a bit old school with a lot of these tracks today to appease the oldheads asking for real music.


  • No Stopping Tonight
    King Fabbs • Your Safest Place
  • What Price Glory
    Sound Barrier • Speed of Light
  • Happier Still
    Big Joanie • Back Home
  • All Things Good
    Runaway Nuns • Runaway Nuns EP
  • A Gentleman's Gentleman
    Oxbow • Thin Black Dude
  • Godzilla '98 Sux!!!
    Arcadia Grey • Konami Code
  • A New Program
    Useless Eaters • Hypetension
  • Nu Age
    Chuck Treese & McRad • The Begin
  • Divorchestra
    Screenwives • Hubandry
  • Enemy for Life
    YDI • A Place In The Sun/Black Dust
  • Kilio Cha Haki
    Parkinglotgrass • Tusk At Hand
  • Red Dwarf
    last year's tragedy • Amongst Lions
  • No Sinners
    Vagina Witchcraft • Vagina Witchcraft