Poser Radio – Episode August 2, 2023

Program: Poser Radio

Length: 60 minutes

We haven't quite left the Planet of the Bass so here's a couple of tracks that channel the energy of the the planet. Everybody movement!


  • Watch You Fall Apart
    All The Time Everywhere • All The Time Everywhere
  • Rest Well
    Bad Buzz • For A Good Time, Call...
  • Plane Ticket To Anywhere
    The Mendozaz • Two Days To Retirement
  • I'm Sad... Why Did You Leave Me Before Rent Was Due?
    Teacup Romance • Steeped
  • Hearing Protection
    The Ape-ettes • Simply The Ape-ettes EP
  • Desistia
    Al Limitage • 7"
  • Tempestade de Pensamentos
    Julio Ito • 7"
  • Nowhere to Run
    PlasticHeads • Nowhere to Run
  • Music For Spies
    Snooper • Super Sn​õ​õ​per
  • Queen of Hearts (Try To Ignore)
    Real Sickies • Love Is For Lovers
  • Head/Body
    Private Lives • HIT RECORD
  • Don't Want You To Know
    King Bull • Conflicting Opinions on Mold and Bacteria
  • PSA
    System Restore • Suburban Drones
  • Rot
    Misfortune Tellers • Satisfied, Dissatisfied
  • Miragency
    CHILIO • Miragency
  • Burd Church
    Harsh • Garb​à​ge Sale EP