Poser Radio – Episode November 15, 2023

Program: Poser Radio

Length: 60 minutes

Long time no see old friends! The return of the head poseur in charge with some post-punk revival tracks, as per my unwavering love of the era.


  • This Is Our Perfect Crime
    The Von Bondies • Love, Hate, and Then There's You
  • No Generation
    War Baby • Death Sweats
  • Enemies Like This
    Radio 4 • Enemies Like This
  • Rats
    The Automatic • Not Accepted Anywhere
  • Pity Pity Please
    The Datsuns • Headstunts
  • She's Attracted To
    Young Knives • Voices of Animals & Men
  • The Hunger
    The Cloud Room • The Cloud Room
  • Give You Up
    Frigid • Bedroom Sessions 2.0
    Stolen Moon • Lunacy
  • Sweating Through This Purpose
    Mulch • Mulch
  • Enterre vivant
    FUUDGE • Fruit-Dieu
  • Drag Me
    ILIAN Q • Songs From the Garage
  • Dirty Looks Welcome Sighs
    In Search of Sasquatch • Prismatic