Post A-Punk-Alyptic – Episode April 8, 2022

Program: Post A-Punk-Alyptic

Length: 60 minutes

Mind Your Own Business - Delta 5


  • Cemetery Gate
    The Smiths • The Queen is Dead
  • Tell This Side
    Heaven For Real • Sweet Rose Green Winter Desk Top Tell This Side Autumn Of The Fighter Hot In A Cool Way EP
  • Through Clouded Eyes
    Poltergeist • Hallucinations in the Catacombs
  • it only gets worse, i promise
  • Just the One of US
    Kitty Prozac • None Shall Be Afraid
  • The Book I Read
    Talking Heads • Talking Heads 77
  • Mind Your Own Bussiness
    Delta 5 • Singles and Sessions
  • At Home with the Tourist
    Gang of Four • Entertainment!
  • High in the Grass
    Sleater Kinney • Path of Wellness
  • Suffer
    Destroyer • LABYRINTHITIS
  • I Got Spirt
    Guerilla Toss • Famously Alive
  • Pivotal
    The Ninth Wave, The Ninth Wave • Heavy Like a Headache