Potpourri for Diversified Souls – Episode March 16, 2023

Program: Potpourri for Diversified Souls

Length: 120 minutes

Let's go on a journey of songs that will evoke our senses and memories that are in our lives, so that we begin the day with positive vibes and hope. At the Oscar, a shout out to all the winners who are breathing a fresh hope in cinema industry. Michelle Yeoh is from the tiny hometown as your host ...IPOH mali. :)..Stay positive and peace to all out there listening. CJSW 90.9 the best community radio in Calgary!


  • Merry-Go-Round of Life
    Joe Hisaishi • Freedom Piano Stories 4
  • Big Cat Waltz
    Hayato Sumino • Hayatosm
  • Kiss the Rain
    Yiruma • The Yellow Room
  • It Could Happen to You
    Ryo Fukui • Scenery
  • Breakless Heart
    Brett Spaulding • Breakless Heart
  • Call on Me
    Elle Celeste • Call On Me
  • Beautiful Exchange
    What Does It Eat • Scraps
  • Moonlight & Clover
    Mary Beth Carty • Crossing the Causeway
  • I don't have a Heart
    James Ingram • It's Real
  • From A Distance
    Bette Midler • Some People's Life
  • If We Hold on Together
    Diana Ross • The Force Behind the Power
  • Hold My Hand
    Lady Gaga • Top Gun Maverick Soundtrack
  • One for All
    Taren Kaur • One for All
  • Sa Isang Sulyap Mo
    1:43 • Sa Isang Sulyap Mo
  • Pillow Talk
    MC (Deluxe) Cheung TinFu • Pillow Talk
  • Gemilang
    Jacqueline Victor • Gemilang
  • Silver Skies
    Manila Grey • No Saints Loading
  • Blessed
    Cxtotheworld • Unforgivable
  • Violet Dreams
    Teekay Othello • Luv Letters 2
  • Free Spirit
    Dizzy Walka • Right Here, Right Now EP
  • A Thousand Years
    Harryan Yoosoan • Covers
  • Happy Sad
    Biancadimas • Seperti Selamanya
  • Run to You
    Alicia Moffet • Intertwine
  • Great Goodbye
    Cynthia Hamar • Joint & Marrow
  • Euphoric
    Yang Chen • longing for_
  • Can You see my Heart
    Shin Giwon • Hotel Del Luna OST Piano Collection
  • We let It In
    Brian Eno • ForeverAndEverNoMore
  • First Love
    Hikaru Utada • First Love