Power Trip – Episode June 15, 2022

Program: Power Trip

Length: 120 minutes

Happy Second Halloween Brought To You By Tallan's Fear Of Finishing Uni! LET'S GO!!!


  • Collapsing Castle
    Overzealous • The Gate Opens
  • Doomscroller
    Metric • Formentera
  • The Other Black Dog
    Genesis Owusu • Smiling With No Teeth
  • Spitting Off the Edge of the World
    The Yeah Yeah Yeahs • Cool It Down
  • Automatic Worry
    Be Afraid • Remember Fun
  • Heatwave
    Pitch Black Manor • Night Creeps
  • Don't Go in the House!
    David Disher • Don't Go in the House!
  • Scalpel
    Possessor • Damn the Light
  • Final Body
    P A T H S パス • The Last Halloween
  • Catch Her by The Tail
    Demon's Claws • The Defrosting Of​.​.​.
  • Dear Friend Who Watches Me Sleeping
    Billy Cobb • Halloween V
  • I Can't Stand Still
    The Skeletones Four • Petrified Forest
  • Creepy Little Creeps
    Songs By Death • Songs By Death
  • Necromancing Dancing
    Ghost Bear • Blasterpiece
  • Snake Oil Baptism
    Diablo Swing Orchestra • Swagger & Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole
  • The Ghost Of Harry Houdini Live
    Puntch Drunk Cabaret • Live! Under The Darkest Sky
  • For The Departed
    Shayfer James • Counterfeit Arcade
  • The Undead
    The Necromancers Union • Flesh Of The Dead
  • Body Of A Boy, Mind Of A Monster
    The Forbidden Dimension • Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass
  • 2 Bed 2 Bath And A Ghost
    Bug Hunter • 2 Bed 2 Bath And A Ghost
  • I'll Be Haunting You
    They Might Be Giants • Phone Power
  • These Funny Things I Do
    Moody Gulch • The Least Haunted Podcast
  • Turn The Lights Off
    Tally Hall • Turn The Lights Off
  • The Cult Of Dionysus
    The Orion Experience • Cosmicandy
  • Cattus Cimeterium
    Felix Arifin • Spooky Sweeties