Prisoner’s Dilemma – Episode January 26, 2023

Program: Prisoner’s Dilemma

Length: 60 minutes

A deep dive into the world of Gothenburg death metal, and its progeny. Trevor Strnad forever.


  • At Dusk and Forever
    Gates of Ishtar • At Dusk and Forever
  • The Orchid's Sleeps
    A Canorous Quintet • Silence of the World Beyond
  • The World Unseen
    Majesties • Vast Reaches Unclaimed
  • Bloodred Stars
    Eucharist • Mirrorworlds
  • Wayfaerer
    In Flames • The Jester Race
  • Punish My Heaven
    Dark Tranquility • The Gallery
  • Ceres In Emerald Streams
    Obsequiae • The Palms of Sorrowed Kings
  • Suicide Nation
    At the Gates • Slaughter of the Soul
  • Death is the Hunter
    The Crown • Crowned In Terror
  • Funeral Thirst
    The Black Dahlia Murder • Unhallowed
  • Nearer to Purity
    Death Fortress • Reign of the Unending