Prisoner’s Dilemma – Episode February 2, 2023

Program: Prisoner’s Dilemma

Length: 60 minutes

Taking another deep dive, this time into the world of Razorback Records, a label specializing in horror / slasher flick themed death metal from the 1000's. Lots of fun stuff, check out that Frightmare song for a high water mark of the genre.


  • Masked In Leeches
    Torture Rack • Malefic Humiliation
  • Angela
    Frightmare • Bringing Back the Bloodshed
  • Soon, They'll Scream
    Ghoul • We Came for the Dead!!!
  • Rotting Skin Shroud
    Blood Freak • Total Destruction of the Human Form
  • Pulsating Entrails
    Pestilent Death • Chapters of Depravity
  • Trono De Huesos
    Machetazo • Trono De Huesos
  • In the Name of Gore
    Exhumed • Anatomy is Destiny
  • The Visible Man
    Impaled • The Last Gasp
  • The Putridarium
    Miasmatic Necrosis • Apex Profane
  • Body Farm
    Miasmatic Necrosis • Apex Profane
  • Putrid Serenity
    Regurgitate • Sickening Bliss
  • Worm Eater
    Regurgitate • Sickening Bliss
  • Confessions of a Grave Robber
    Splatterhouse • The House that Dead Built
  • Doomed in the Realm of the Dead
    Witch Vomit • Poisoned Blood
  • Radden Messe
    Undergang • Til Doden Os Skiller