Processed – Episode February 9, 2017


  • On Viewing Life's Reflection
    Aleem Khan • Pinko
  • Locked Heart (Promise)
    krzyzis • Final Heaven
  • As Much as Possible
    Bing & Ruth • No Home of the Mind
  • quarrel, my love
    Awenda Provincial Park • Remain Calm
  • journey to the imaginary paradise
    Chihei Hatakeyama • Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains
  • Prologue Iris
    A Winged Victory For The Sullen • Iris
  • Rub Out The Word
    Steve Buscemi, Elliot Sharp • Rub Out the Word
  • Swaddling Thickets of White Deafness
    Jayne Amara Ross, Frederic D. Oberland, Gasper Claus • The Freemartin Calf
  • See You At The Dreaming Tree
    Jeff Bridges • Sleeping Tapes
  • Multiambient
    Ohama • Grrlz Monosynth Tower