Radio Party – Episode December 28, 2018

and on the 12th day of christmas... the lord saideth "shake your rump"


  • It's My Party
    Bryan Ferry • These Foolish Things
  • Long Time No See
    Glen Hall, Bernie Koenig, M.J. Idzerda • Three Way Conversations
  • Best Kept
    Maxine Funke • Silk
  • Crystal Chandelier
    Joe Mason and his One Man Band • "Souvenier Album"
  • Hope Road
    Anne Clark • Hopeless Cases
  • Puckies Power
    Adn'Ckrystall • Jazz Mad
  • C.B.- Funk
    Andy Giorbino • Frechheit Siegt ! (Welt Der Kinder) CS
  • Mein Brudder Ist En Popper
    Artless • Mein Brudder Ist En Popper 7"
  • Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
    Rolling Stones • Their Satanic Majesties Request
  • Frankie
    Hollywood Autopsy • Hollywood Autopsy
  • When in London Sleep at the York Hotel
    The Nihilist Spasm Band • No Record
  • Hypnotica
    Human Hands • V/A: Keats Rides a Harley
  • When You Walk Into My Dreams
    Gary Wilson • You Think You Really Know Me?
  • Mein Liebe Mit Den Gelben Haaren
    Frauen von Avignon • Was Soll Das? Schallplatten
  • I Know Ah Girl
    Special Affects • Mood Music
  • Sketch for Summer
    The Durutti Column • The Return of the Durutti Column
  • Jericho Jerk (Jericho Groove)
    Pierre Henry • Mass for Today/The Green Queen
  • Consent
    Clock DVA • White Souls in Black Suits
  • Adultery
    Scars • VA Fast Product
  • Schwarze Gedanken
    Nichts • Tango 2000
  • Grand Illusion
    Donna Summer • The Wanderer
  • She Has A Way
    Bobby Orlando • 12"
  • Auf Der Flucht
    Falco • Einzelhaft
  • Push!
    Invincible Spirit • Push! EP
  • Vanish
    Monroeville Music Center • Cave & Castle
  • Kitten's Lullaby
    Roger Limb • Music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • The Anthropocene
    Scott Marshall and the Jazztice League • Dream Logic Project
  • I Aint No Robot
    Plan Nine • Introducing...