Rage Cage – Episode July 28, 2023

Program: Rage Cage

Length: 210 minutes

Good to see my superwomen of Team Japan kickin' ass in the FIFA World Cup so far! Speaking of superwomen, a spotlight on an exciting new release from Japan's HANABIE! Also, more sneek-peak at Loud As Hell Festival, and new album from Red Deer's HOOKER SPIT. Lastly, rest in power Sinead O'Connor. Thank you for your music, and your fight.


  • Born To Raise Hell (Motorhead cover)
    Girlschool, featuring Biff Byford, Duff Mckagan, Phil Campbell • WTFortyfive?
  • Born To Roam
    Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons • We're the Bastards
  • Crazy Like a Fox
    Motorhead • Overnight Sensation
  • Sharkbite!
    Grindpad • Sharkbite EP
  • Attack of the Shark
    Warhead • Speedway
  • Fast as a Shark
    Witchery • A Tribute to Accept Volume 2
  • Corpse Grinder
    Hooker Spit • Krotch Splitter
  • Flesh Feast
    Hooker Spit • Krotch Splitter
  • The Huntsmen
    Hooker Spit • Krotch Splitter
  • Within Her Jaws Dwells the Dark Promises of Death
    Necht • n/a
  • Killing Field
    Witchmayne • n/a
  • Open Grave
    Whorrify • Whorrify
  • Tragicomic
    Lethal Mentality • n/a
  • Cybernetic Doom
    The Astral Prophets • Anywhere But Here
  • Survival Isn't Free
    Lost Nebula • Stories Set in the Future
  • Black Space Void
    Alex Nunziati • Black Space Void
  • Theatre of Horrors
    Theatres des Vampires • Suicide Vampire
  • Blood Libel: A Vampire Tale
    Sleepless • Blood Libel
  • Beyond the Grave
    Jungle Rot • A Call To Arms
  • They Gave Their Lives
    Jungle Rot • War Zone
  • I Predict a Riot
    Jungle Rot • Kill On Command
  • Rage Through the Wasteland
    Jungle Rot • Terror Regime
  • Rebel Robot (2023 Version)
    Voivod, featuring Jason Newsted • Morgoth Tales
  • I Live You Die (1985 demo)
    Flotsam and Jetsam • Doomsday For the Deceiver
  • Eat Your God Alive
    Killitorous • The Afterparty
  • Double Dealing Woman (Re-recorded version)
    Murasaki, featuring Kyoji Yamamoto • Timeless
  • Saturn
    Kyoji Yamamoto • Electric Cinema
  • Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran cover)
    Bow Wow • The Bow Wow (comp)
  • Go Insane
    Vowwow • III
  • Gal This Summer For Sure!
    Hanabie • Reborn Superstar
  • Warning!
    Hanabie • Reborn Superstar
  • Blast Off/Hyperdimensional Galaxy
    Hanabie • Reborn Superstar
  • Sunrise Miso Soup
    Hanabie • Girl's Reform Manifest
  • Lullaby
    Little Lilith • Strike
  • Total Eclipse
    Lonesome Blue • First Utterance
  • Guns For Hire
    Tailgunner • Guns For Hire
  • Tailgunner
    Iron Maiden • No Prayer For the Dying
  • Troy
    Sinead O'Connor • Lion and the Cobra
  • We Watch the Skies
    Poltergeist • Hallucination in the Catatombs