Rage Cage – Episode August 4, 2023

Program: Rage Cage

Length: 210 minutes

First of all: congrats to my Team Japan for their victory in FIFA Soccer so far. This week: we ROCKED our way back to the some of the biggest metal festivals in history: US Festival (1983), Monsters of Rock (1988), and Ozzy's Monsters of Rock (2008). Stay tuned, stay unchained, and hit the ground runnin'!


  • Troops of Doom
    Cavalera Conspiracy • Morbid Visions
  • The Doom of All Fires
    Cavalera Conspiracy • Inflikted
  • When You Were Shouting At the Devil, We Were In League With Satan
    Zimmer's Hole • While You Were Shouting At the Devil, We Were in League With Satan
  • Shout At the Devil
    Motley Crue • Shout At the Devil
  • Looks That Kill
    Motley Crue • Shout At the Devil
  • Live Wire
    Motley Crue • Too Fast For Love
  • Metal Health (live)
    Quiet Riot • A Live Radio Assault
  • Cum On Feel the Noize
    Quiet Riot • Live At the US Festival
  • Danger Zone
    Quiet Riot • Live At The US Festival
  • I Don't Know
    Ozzy Osbourne • Tribute
  • Bark At The Moon
    Ozzy Osbourne • Live & Loud
  • Iron Man/Children of the Grave
    Ozzy Osbourne • Speak of the Devil
  • Blackout
    Scorpions • Blackout
  • Rhythm of Love
    Scorpions • Savage Amusement
  • Bad Boys Running Wild
    Scorpions • Love At First Sting
  • Rock You Like a Hurricane
    Scorpions • Love At First Sting
  • Living Out of Touch
    Kingdom Come • Kingdom Come
  • Get It On
    Kingdom Come • Kingdom Come
  • Pushin' Hard
    Kingdom Come • Kingdom Come
  • Tooth and Nail
    Dokken • Without Warning
  • In My Dreams
    Dokken • Under Lock and Key
  • Burning Like a Flame
    Dokken • Back For the Attack
  • Allied Forces
    Triumph • Allied Forces
  • Magic Power
    Triumph • Stages
  • A World of Fantasy
    Triumph • Live At The Us Festival
  • The Formation of Damnation
    Testament • The Formation of Damnation
  • I Will Be Heard
    Hatebreed • Perseverance
  • Tribal Convictions
    Voivod • Dimensions Hatross
  • Anesthesia - Pulling Teeth/Whiplash
    Metallica • Kill 'Em All
  • Welcome Home: Sanitarium (live)
    Metallica • Master of Puppets: 30th Anniversary Edition
  • Creeping Death (live)
    Metallica • ... And Justice For All: 30th Anniversary Edition
  • Unchained
    Van Halen • Fair Warning
  • Romeo's Delight
    Van Halen • Women and Children First
  • Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
    Van Halen • Van Halen
  • Sucker In a Three Piece
    Van Halen • OU812
  • Victim of Changes
    Judas Priest • Battle Cry