Rage Cage – Episode February 9, 2024

Ringing-in the Year of the Dragon with loads of explosive, fire-breathin' bangin' tunes! Plus, brand new STRIKER, and U.D.O. for those who are focused on Super Bowl. Man, never thought Udo would sing about football, and it rocks hard! Can't go wrong with that metal veteran! Anyways, plenty to celebrate about this weekend. Stay safe, have fun!


  • Dragon Attack (Queen cover)
    Testament • Dark Roots of Earth
  • Heart of a Dragon
    Dragonforce • Valley of the Damned
  • Where Dragons Rule
    Dragonforce • Twilight Dementia
  • Ryujin
  • Scream of the Dragon
  • Dragon, Fly Free
  • Dragon's Blood
    Deathrow • Raging Steel
  • Beware of the Dragon
    Armored Dawn • Barbarians In Black
  • Dragons Are Real
    Magnum • Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow
  • Ride the Dragon
    Manowar • The Triumph of Steel
  • On Dragons We Ride
    BALROGATH • Arcane Sacrifice
  • Dragonfall
    BALROGATH • Nameless Terror
  • Dragons Lair
    Saxon • Killing Ground
  • Chasing the Dragon
    Dream Evil • Dragonslayer
  • Chasing the Dragons
    Adrenaline Mob • We The People
  • Don't Chase the Dragons
    Hollow Ground • Flying High
  • Unleash the Dragon
    Magic Kingdom • Metalmighty
  • Dragon Princess
    Magic Kingdom • Savage Requiem
  • The Flight of the Dragonship
    Troll • Legend Master
  • Dragonvarius
    Dragon Guardian, featuring Fuki (Unlucky Morpheus) • Dragonvarius
  • Dragon Force
    Unlucky Morpheus • Hypothetical Box
  • Tears of the Dragon
    Bruce Dickinson • Balls To Picasso
  • Return of the Dragon
    Running Wild • The Rivalry
  • Dragonmen
    Running Wild • Black Hand Inn
  • Dragon Lady
    Crimson Glory • Crimson Glory
  • Where Dragons Rule
    Crimson Glory • Transcendence
  • Son of the Dragon
    Thrashlord • Kill Until You Die
  • The Dragons Come Alive
    Godiego • Our Decade
  • Blood Magic
    Striker • Ultra Power
  • Thunderdome
    Striker • Ultra Power
  • Touchdown
    U.D.O. • Touchdown