Rave Dad’s Diary – Episode November 28, 2020

120 minutes

Welcome to episode 7. I spent most of my time this week working on a microsite for Rave Dad’s Diary. And I’m very excited to share it with you. Head to www.pbrooks.ca/ravedadsdiary. There you can find all of the episodes, show notes and links and lots of pictures, some of them too scandalous for social media. Because I’ve been working on the website, I'm taking it easy this episode. Today we're going to listen to some archival material. Up first is my 2013 feature interview with Grammy award winner, Todd Edwards. Then we’ll listen to a live mix and interview with Hyperdub recording artist, Ikonika, also captured in 2013. Today’s show finishes off with a 2014 episode of a radio show I used to host called, What Will the Neighbours Think? It features a mix by Sergio SP celebrating 10 years of Hyperdub Records. You might remember Sergio SP aka Mr Geography aka Sandro Petrillo from episode 4 of Rave Dad’s Diary. We nerd out really hard on Hyperdub Records in this episode – don't miss that. I refer to Calgary’s Hifi Club a few times in these recorded segments. Earlier in November 2020, Hifi Club closed its doors permanently. In episode 3, I spoke with Hifi’s Pete Emes and Sarmad Rizvi about the origins of the club. If you haven’t heard episode 3, you’ll want to check that out to get some context about the club’s role in Canada’s electronic music scene..


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