Rave Dad’s Diary – Episode December 5, 2020

120 minutes

Welcome to episode 8. Today’s topic has come up in almost every episode so far, and for good reason. Where I’m from, Shambhala Music Festival is kind of a big deal. The first 30 minutes of today's show features 3 guests on their connections to the early days of Shambhala. In November 2020 I reached out to Shambhala Music Festival founder, Jimmy Bundschuh, and we had a quick chat about the first Shambhala Music Festival and the challenges of transforming his parent’s cattle farm into a raver's paradise. I speak with British producer and DJ Ali B about what it was like to perform at the festival in the early aughts. And we’ll hear about The Librarian’s first trip to Shambhala in 2000 and how it inspired her to get into DJing and producing. Today’s musical feature is a mix from the archives. Stick around to hear The Librarian and Mat the Alien recorded live at Shambhala Music Festival.


  • Orchestral Lab
    Guido • Anidea
  • Fewer Days
    OAKK • Fewer Days EP
  • Clean Carpet
    Homesick • Clean Carpet
  • ???
    ??? • ???
  • Bullet in Da Pen
    Stagga, featuring Magugu • Bullet in Da Pen
  • Steam
    Martyn Bootyspoon • Steam
  • Landslide
    Champion, featuring Riko Dan • Landslide
  • Pure Water
    Skepta • Pure Water
  • Titans
    Leo Lohmann • Titans
  • Verify Me (VIP)
    Ternion Sound • Verify Me (VIP)
  • Dope Slanga VIP
    Pushloop • Dope Slanga VIP
  • Hermetica
    Von D, featuring Sinrise • Hermetica
  • King
    Distinct Motive • King / Worthy
  • Snorin'
    Doctor Jeep • Katz Dub / Snorin'
  • Murderer
    JD. Reid, featuring Jevon • Tree
  • Mek Body
    Slay, featuring Chimpo • Mek Body
  • Revolver Riddim
    Star.One • Revolver Riddim
  • Flat Shoe Riddim
    Royal-T • Flat Shoe Riddim EP
  • Tempted
    Breaka • Tempted
  • Maaya
    Kohra • Summer Sol III
  • Unnatural Mystic
    Dad Man's Chest • Farseer EP
  • Adventures in Perception
    Coco Bryce • Blunted Breaks, Vol. 1
  • She a Go
    DJ Rashad, featuring Spinn & Taso • Double Cup
  • City Clan
    Bredren • City Clan EP
  • Lost
    Artilect • Something Else