Rave Dad’s Diary – Episode December 12, 2020

120 minutes

Welcome to episode 9. Today I’m excited to share with you my conversation with Emerence Merkle from Obskur Music, a Canadian techno label showcasing LGBTQ+ & POC artists. Emerence takes us on a tour of the label and then we’ll hear a mix from Obskur Music artists, SIG SA Lee. But first, we’re going to listen to another interview from the archive. In 2013 I spoke with Tricky just before the release of his album, False Idols. Listening back to this interview, I sound like crap. I remember now I had a terrible head cold. But I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to interview one of my favourite artists.


  • Orchestral LAb
    Guido • Anidea
  • I'm Freaking Out Sistah
    Jen Series • DUNKELKAMMER
  • Lange Verloren
    Kloves, Emerencz • AUFSTEIGEN EP
  • Bound
    Kloves • FREAKS EP
  • Expletive Schema
    Rebug • UNTITLED EP
  • Control Freak
    Korea Town Acid • Do You Even Acid?