Rock Bottom – Episode December 11, 2018

Episode #92: Wally returns and is joined by incredible up and coming Calgary Hard Rock band, YUNG JUDAS! Live performance plus EP preview!


  • Reach for the Heavens (ROCK BOTTOM Theme)
    Little V • Side Quest
  • Tempest
    The Path Less Traveled • (Single)
  • A Search for Solace
    The Burden • The Presence of Past Tense
  • Thousand Cuts
    YUNG JUDAS • For Megan
  • Lowest Common
    YUNG JUDAS • For Megan
  • Unholy Ghost
    YUNG JUDAS • For Megan
  • Snow and Sand (Acoustic)
    YUNG JUDAS • LIVE: Rock Bottom on CJSW 90.9FM
  • Fellas in France
    YUNG JUDAS • Single
  • Safe Space
    Stab.Twist.Pull • Safe Space (Single)
  • Fecal Fellatio
    Killitorous • Party Grind
  • Titans Reign
    AfterEarth • In The Shadow Of Destiny
  • Wasted Breath
    Uppercut Decapitation • Single
  • The Entire History Of You
    Atlas Empire • The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet
  • Her Fire
    Anthems In Ashes • Burn It Down (EP)
  • From The Above And To The Stars
    Fractal Cypher • Prelude To An Impending Outcome
  • Mannequin Heart
    Malacoda • Restless Dreams