Shakespeare Wore Plaid – Episode August 1, 2018


  • I Don't Want To Talk About It
    Indigo Girls • Philadelphia Soundtrack
  • Shut That Kid Up
    Ceramic Dog • YRU Still Here?
  • Complicated Situation
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club • Howl
  • Asteroid Blues
    Twizzie Ramos • Flowtaku EP#2: SPACE COWBOY
  • If Music Could Talk
    The Clash • Sandinista
  • Roadhouse Blues
    Coyote Poets of the Universe • Strange Lullaby
  • Wasted Words
    Rick Reid • Days of Heaven
  • Have You Heard The News
    Talk Talk • Party's Over
  • Everybody's Talking (But No One's Talking To Me)
    The Confusionaires • It's Time to make a Little Mess With...
  • Sunset Highway
    the 427's • Stay Gold
  • A Clean Break
    Talking Heads • The Name Of This Band Is Talking
  • You Should Hear How She Talks About You
    Melissa Manchester • Hey Ricky
  • The Undying Overrated
    Blood Wine or Honey • Fear and Celebration
  • You Ought To Know
    Here Lies Man • You Will Know Nothing
  • Tough Love
    Whisper Suite • Love Notes
  • Made Of Gold
    Royal Wood • Ever After the Farewell
  • Bad Dreams
    Pete Yorn, Scarlett Johansson • Apart
  • Gasloud
    Ensign Broderick • Only Love Remains
  • Peruvian Cocaine
    Immortal Technique • Revolutionary Vol 2
  • Total Misfit
    Claudettes • Dance Scandal at the Gymnasium!
  • Happy Place
    Alison Wonderland • Awake