South Louisiana Gumbo – Episode November 14, 2016


  • La Reine de Bingo
    Cayouche • n a
  • Black Bayou Rag
    Hackberry Ramblers • n a
  • Follow Me Down
    Lil Wayne & Same Ol Two-Step • n a
  • Welcome to the Trees
    Ancient Highways • Until the Cow Comes Home
  • Long Since Died
    Les Poisson Rouge • n a
  • Strange Things Happening Every Day
    Louisiana Hellbenders • n a
  • Five Alive
    Manteca • The Twelfth of Never
  • Mama Inez
    Panorama Jazz Band • Dance of the Hot Earth
  • Snag It
    Kid Ory's Jazz Band • n a
  • His Eye is On the Sparrow
    Mahalia Jackson • n a
  • I Got the New World in my View
    Sister Gertrude Morgan • n a
  • When the Saints Go Marching In
    New Orleans Gospel Children • n a
  • Cordova
    The Meters • n a