Students’ Union Weekly – Episode September 15, 2022

Program: Students’ Union Weekly

Length: 60 minutes

Cam shows up early for The Good Medicine Show and attempts to discover what it truly means to be "A Student"


  • Goin' Steady
    Retail Therapy • Golden Hour
  • Stay
    Eadse • single
  • Pink Funeral
    Beach House • Once Twice Melody
  • Sky Woman
    Anachnid • single
  • Hideaway
    Joe Hertz, featuring Sebastian Gaskin • single
  • Child Of The Government (Stripped Down)
    Jayli Wolf • Wild Whisper (Stripped Down)
  • Drop
    Samantha Savage Smith • Fake Nice
  • My Heart Dreams
    Black Belt Eagle Scout • At The Party With My Brown Friends
  • Nomads
    Aysanabee • Waitin
  • Storm
    Otyken • single
  • Now That I'm At The Top Of My Game
    AJJ • Ugly Spiral
  • Hang Onto Your Ego
    Frank Black • Mama Told Me Not To Come
  • About A Girl
    Bully • single
  • Cornered
    Century Egg • Little Piece of Hair - EP