That’s Classical? – Episode November 1, 2015


  • In nomine lucis
    Giacinto Scelsi, Christoph Maria Moosmann • annum per annum
  • Concerto for Organ and Orchestra
    Gunther Schuller, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra • Of Reminiscences and Reflections
  • Symphony No. 3 "Shaker Life"
    Dan Welcher, North Texas Wind Symphony • Sojourns
  • Yuan
    Lei Liang, Radnofsky Quartet • Milou
  • ...and dark time flowed by her like a river...
    Gary Kulesha, Jacques Israilivitch, Christina Petrowska Quilico • Fancies and Interludes
  • Music for Heaven and Earth
    Alexina Louie, Esprit Orchestra • Music for Heaven and Earth
  • Moondance
    John Stevens, Summit Brass • American Tribute