That’s Classical? – Episode March 3, 2019

9th Anniversary as a radio host, celebrating International Women's Day with a program of music composed by female composers


  • Wind Sketch II for two Marimbas
    Keiko Abe, The Wave Quartet • Aurora Borealis
  • Early That Summer
    Julia Wolfe, The Lark Quartet • Wolfe: The String Quartets
  • Remembering Schubert
    Ann Southam, Christina Petrowska Quilico • Soundspinning
  • Cloud Trio
    Kaija Saariaho, Jennifer Koh, Hsin Yun Huang, Wilhelmina Smith • Saariaho X Koh
  • Gliese 581C
    Emily Doolittle, Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa • Cosmophony
  • Prince of Clouds
    Anna Clyne, Jennifer Koh, Jaime Laredo • Two X Four
  • Postcards from Home
    Kelly-Marie Murphy, Land's End Ensemble & James Campbell • Pulling The Light
  • Prelude for a Pensive Pupil
    Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Yvar Mikhashoff • Panorama of American Piano Music
  • Blue
    Veronika Krausas, Toca Loca • P*P
  • String Poetic
    Jennifer Higdon, Jennifer Koh, Reiko Uchida • Violin Recital
  • Promises, Promises
    Nicole Lizee, Toca Loca • P*P