That’s Classical? – Episode March 10, 2019


  • Sculpture In Wood
    Rudiger Pawassar, The Wave Quartet • Aurora Borealis
  • Hommage a Debussy
    Victor Herbiet • The Road to the Ethereal Gate
  • Salvage
    John Abram, Eve Egoyan • Four Compositions
  • Ricercar
    Samuel Dolin, Davis Joachim • Canadian Music for Classical Guitar
  • Lines for Clarinet Solo
    Harry Freedman, James Campbell • -
  • Trio No. 2
    Omar Daniel, Land's End Ensemble • Pulling the Light
  • Flexura
    Jaime Oliver La Rosa, Michael Nicolas • Transitions
  • Three Psalms
    John Psathas, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra • View from Olympus
  • Black Water Suite: Are there clouds in India?
    Vijay Iyer • 25 Years of New York New Music