That’s Classical? – Episode June 16, 2019


  • Girl, You're Living Life of Crime
    Nicole Lizee, Ben Reimer, Steve Raegele, guitar, Miles Perkin, bass, Alexandre Grogg, Fender Rhodes, Shawn Mativetsky, vibraphone • This Will Not Be Televised
  • Kilter
    Mary Ellen Childs, Stephen Gosling, Blair McMillen • Powerhouse Pianists II
  • Woke up Wandering
    Pieter de Graaf • Fermata
  • The Confession of Isobel Gowdie
    James MacMillan, London Philharmonic Orchestra • -
  • La Folia
    Musica Viva Moscow Chamber Orchestra, Alexander Manotskov • -
  • The Rabbi's Wedding at the Pamerston
    Srul Irving Glick, Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà • Ovation
  • Ripples
    Kate Whitley, Hyeyoon Park, Benjamin Grosvenor • Many Voices: 10 New Pieces for Violin
  • Rise and Shine
    Pieter de Graaf • Fermata
  • Fallen Trees
    Lubomyr Melnyk • Fallen Trees
  • Hack, Set 4
    Chris Fisher-Lochhead, Spektral Quartet • Serious Business