The A.M. – Episode January 30, 2023

Program: The A.M.

Length: 180 minutes

Snowy mornings are the perfect time for wintery shoegaze, and this week's episode opens with a dreamy offshoot of You'll Never Get to Heaven, and indulges in new sounds from Zoon, Hammock, and SUUNS in the last hour. In between, a throwback to Television's Marquee Moon, folk-inspired songs from Meg Baird, L.T. Leif and Bobby Lee, forest spirits, wishes for better days, Quebecois prog, and other Monday morning sounds.


  • Form and F a d e
    Slow Attack Ensemble • Music for Turntable, Guitars and Sampled Instruments
  • Poa Alpina
    Biosphere • Substrata (Alternative Versions)
  • Smoke and Ash, Hand in Hand
    Yves Malone • A Hello to a Goodbye
  • Little Birds, Moonbath
    Yu Su, featuring Michelle Helene Mackenzie • Roll With The Punches
  • My Soul or Something
    Nosaj Thing, featuring KAZU • Continua
  • Restless Dog
    Selffish • He She Them Us
  • Since I Lost You
    Alex Goose, Matt Zara • Single
  • Awoke In the Early Days of a Better World
    Andrew Wasylyk • Parallel Light
  • Forest Spirit
    Carole Muriel, Joël Vandroogenbroeck • Images of Flute in Nature
  • Windows
    Leland Whitty • Anyhow
  • Ashes, Ashes
    Meg Baird • Furling
  • Quail's Egg
    L.T. Leif • Come Back to Me, but Lightly
  • Reds for a Blue Planet
    Bobby Lee • Endless Skyways
  • Still Island
    The Cape May • Glass Mountain Roads
  • Marquee Moon
    Television • Marquee Moon
  • Stargazer
    Nap Eyes • Thought Rock Fish Scale
  • Simulation Swarm
    Big Thief • Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You
  • Rockaway
    Mac DeMarco • Five Easy Hot Dogs
  • Madagascar
    Alexis Georgopoulos, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma • Fragments Of A Season
  • I Would Stare into the Sun with You Forever
    Hammock • Love in the Void
  • A Language Disappears
    Zoon • Bekka Ma'iingan
  • Wave
    SUUNS • Single
  • Loops
    Gnoomes • Ax Ox
  • Hypernormalization
    Rich Aucoin • Synthetic: Season One
  • The Day I Lost You
    Stilz, featuring Meteor • Holding onto Yesterday
  • Heatwave
    L.A. Takedown • II
  • Trois ou quatre
    Contraction • Contraction
  • Language is a City (Let Me Out!)
    Vanishing Twin • The Age Of Immunology
  • The Rolling Stairs of Arta
    Postnamers • Sissies & Sluts