The A.M. – Episode February 6, 2023

Program: The A.M.

Length: 180 minutes

An 8:30 Throwback to a transitionary period for Sly Stone, in an episode that spans from Sly's subdued grooves to New Order ar the poppiest, classic shoegaze, dreamy omnichords from Lael Neale, Twilight Zone and Night of the Living Dead-sampling electronics, and other offbeat easy listening for the first Monday of February. Peter will be off on Feb. 13, but will be back for the Family Day long weekend, so stay tuned for special guest host next week.


  • Chrysalis
    Golden Brown • Weird Choices
  • Slowly Coming Together
    Jilk • Welcome Lies
  • Vibration Consensus Reality (for Spectral Multiband Resonator)
    Eluvium • (Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality
  • Space Jam
    Eve Parker Finley • Chrysalia
  • Polaris
    Yutaka Hirasaka • Single
  • Free and Easy Wandering
    FOONYAP • Single
  • Slavar
    Fågelle • Den svenska vreden
  • A New Season
    Atari Umma • DiverseCity
  • Learn to Be Cool
    Conic Rose • Heller Tag
  • ghul
    wihtikow • ᒌ​ᐸ​+
  • I Remember
    Julee Cruise • Floating into the Night
  • I Am The River
    Lael Neale • Star Eaters Delight
  • You Do It
    Marlene Ribeiro • Toquei no Sol
  • Poke the Bear
    Stelar Door • Masquerade
  • Just Like a Baby
    Sly Stone • I’m Just Like You: Sly’s Stone Flower 1969-70
  • Stanga
    Little Sister • I’m Just Like You: Sly’s Stone Flower 1969-70
  • The Greatest Smile
    SAULT • Today & Tomorrow
  • The Sound Where My Head Was
    Badge Époque Ensemble • Self Help
  • Showking
    Mong Tong • Indies 印
  • Cloud Boat
    Masahiro Takahashi • Humid Sun
  • Katamaran
    Les Big Byrd • Eternal Light Brigade
  • Sooner Than You Think
    New Order • Low-Life
  • Hard Eyes
    Uncanny Valley • Fevering Stare
  • Hunted
    Pale Saints • In Ribbons
  • When It Comes
    Dana Gavanski • Single
  • Stopp, Seisku Aeg!
    Velly Joonas • Single
  • Failing
    Pozi • Smiling Pools
  • High Tide, Storm Rising
    Skinshape • Nostalgia
  • to you
    kkidss • apple sauce
  • Sapanta Blue
    Shirley & The Pyramids • Maid of Time