The A.M. – Episode March 6, 2023

Program: The A.M.

Length: 180 minutes

A few happy returns this week, with new music from Nabihah Iqbal, Mega Bog, and Benoit Pioulard (to name a few), plus a throwback to classic mid-2000s chamber pop, Morabeza Tobacco getting as close to the "Good Times" bassline as is legally allowed, and a healthy mix of atmospheric sounds, post-punk raves, experimental compositions and other offbeat easy listening for a Monday morning.


  • réfraction
    Onur Tarçin • Single
  • Ellipses
    Andrew Bird • Echolocations: River
  • A Constant Source of Joy and Fascination
    waivestate • Sprout Sessions
  • Vivid
    Elskavon • Origins
  • Bruises
    Earth Trax • Closer Now
  • Sweltering Drive
    Masahiro Takahashi • Humid Sun
  • Our Future Salad Days
    Dreamsploitation • The Soft Focus Sound of Today
  • Synchronized Swimmers
    Contagious Yawns • Dream of Consciousness
  • Bolan Muppets
    Glissandro 70 • Glissandro 70
  • Les Points Cardineaux
    YouYourself&i • L'Amour des Anoures
  • Betwixt & Between
    Spencer Cullum, featuring Erin Rae • Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection 2
  • Walking Through Morning Dew
    Shana Cleveland • Manzanita
  • Synesthetics
    L.T.Leif • Come Back To Me, But Lightly
  • O Torto Santo
    Bike • Arte Bruta
  • Tonight’s Episode
    Yo La Tengo • This Stupid World
  • Elementary Particles
    The Hylozoists • La Fin du Monde
  • Warning Against Judging a Christian Brother
    The Hylozoists • La Fin du Monde
  • The Edge
    David McCallum • Music: A Bit More of Me
  • I Have Been Alone
    The Common People • Of The People / By The People / For The People
  • Way Far
    High Season • The Call
  • Anniversary
    Dawn to Dawn • Postcards from the Sun to the Moon
  • Line in the Sand
    Brian Eno, Hot Chip, goddess • Single
  • The Void
    Benoit Pioulard • Eidetic
  • Manitou (Single Edit)
    Zoon • Bekka Ma'iingan
  • The Clown
    Mega Bog • End of Everything
  • The World Couldn’t See Us
    Nabihah Iqbal • DREAMER
  • Mariana's Web
    Uncanny Valley • Fevering Stare
  • Saturnus
    Morabeza Tobacco • Shadow of the Cherry
  • Destiny
    Decisive Pink • Ticket to Fame
  • NST
    Gnoomes • Ax Ox
  • High and Low
    Shirley & The Pyramids • Maid of Time
  • Medicine Road
    Fog Lake • Dragonchaser