The A.M. – Episode March 20, 2023

It wasn't planned this way, but due to some nice synchronicities, this week's AM is a ringing in of spring and a celebration of the vernal equinox. It's also International Happiness Day, which is both a silly and serious idea, so hopefully this episode brings a little more happiness into your world. Opening with ambient trombone jazz (another silly but serious idea), closing with cathartic shoegaze, and finding room for eclectic sounds in between, it's an impromptu tribute to the springtime sun on The AM.


  • Temper the Wound
    Kalia Vandever • We Fell In Turn
  • Ventus
    Alondra Máynez • Single
  • Main Theme II (End Credits)
    Murray A. Lightburn • I Like Movies OST
  • The Mandate of the Kingdom of Heaven
    The All Golden • Yestereven
  • Sensorial Spectrum of the Tape Speed God
    Various Artists, featuring Atelier Radiof‚Äčó‚Äčnico • L SERIES #4
  • A New Season
    Atari Umma • DiverseCity
  • Windmills - Salamanda Remix
    Anchorsong • Single
  • Blue Skies
    Mioclono • Cluster I
  • Banda Mountain - shn shn Remix
    Tewksbury • Brutes Remixed
  • Parallel 5ive
    Stelar Door • Masquerade
  • Woke
    Nachtbraker • uu002
  • Hold the Line
    Raf Wilcot • Single
  • Milk and Honey
    The Greg Foat Group, featuring Kat Barnard • Once Again We Are The Children Of The Sun
  • After the Dawn
    Project Gemini • Single
  • Vento a Favor
    Sessa • Single
  • Paradise Cinema
    Andy Shauf • Norm
  • This Can’t Be Today
    Rain Parade • Emergency Third Rail Power Trip
  • I Look Around
    Rain Parade • Emergency Third Rail Power Trip
  • Picture of a Fading Man
    The High Dials • The Holy Ground EP
  • Hypnotized
    River Tiber • Dreaming Eyes
  • Perpetuum Mobile
    Death and Vanilla • Flicker
  • A Marcha Que o Monte Parou
    Pedro Ricardo • Soprem Bons Ventos
  • Miles Away
    Yo La Tengo • This Stupid World
  • Rise
    Sugar Plant • Happy
  • Still Believe
    Blume • Still Believe
  • No Design
    Ulrika Spacek • Compact Trauma
  • Le Matin
    Bibi Club • Le soleil et la mer
  • Easy On Your Own?
    Alvvays • Blue Rev
  • The Fears, The Urge
    En Attendant Ana • Principia
  • We Live on a Fucking Planet and Baby That’s the Sun
    ALL HANDS_MAKE LIGHT • "Darling the Dawn"