The A.M. – Episode April 3, 2023

This week, we open with an early track from YMO's Ryuichi Sakamoto, indulging in some ambient songs before drifting into some rare grooves in the second hour, and delicious dream pop in the third. All to fuel the first week of April. Hope you enjoy.


  • thatness and thereness
    Ryuichi Sakamoto • B-2 Unit
  • East Chinatown Stroller
    Masahiro Takahashi • Humid Sun
  • 3pz
    Khotin • Release Spirit
  • Umi No Ue Kara
    Yasuaki Shimizu • Kakashi
  • The Last Wave
    Saint-Samuel • Love is Like a Bomb
  • North
    Fever Ray • Radical Romantics
  • These Small Noises
    Brian Eno • ForeverAndEverNoMore
  • In the End You’ll Know
    James Holden • Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities
  • Centauri
    NETRVNNER • Into Orbit
  • Upside Down Inside Out
    Rooster37 • Upside Down Inside Out EP
  • Fountains Of The World
    Teen Daze • Fountains Of The World
  • Only the Pink Dinosaur
    The World Next Door • Find Your Face in It
  • The Second Variety
    Penguin Cafe • Single
  • What Are We Made Of
    Shigeto • Single
  • Winter
    Chip Wickham • Cloud 10
  • Kwaeli
    Sunbirds • Sunbirds
  • Harmonica and…
    Sven Wunder • Single
  • A Decision of the Flower
    Mahogany Frog • Faust
  • SOS
    Mark Pritchard, featuring The Space Lady • The Four Worlds
  • The Widow
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra • V
  • Minor Attack
    Bristol Manor • A Distant Urban Forest
  • Fairground
    Deary • Single
  • Brain Capers
    Yo La Tengo • This Stupid World
  • The Sky Was All Diseased
    Black Market Karma, featuring Tess Parks • Friends in Noise
  • Nobody
    Black Belt Eagle Scout • The Land, The Water, The Sky
  • Men Without Homes
    Child Actress • Milking a Dead Cow
  • Magique
    Silver Dapple • Moody Boots
  • Pest Control
    Pozi • Smiling Pools
  • From Avalanche
    Genevieve Artadi • Forever Forever
  • Oiseau du matin
    Limousine • L'été suivant...
  • So Informative
    Dada Plan • The Madness Hides
  • I’m Dancing
    Shabason & Krgovich • At Scaramouche