The A.M. – Episode April 17, 2023

Program: The A.M.

Length: 180 minutes

A collection of art exhibition soundtracks, Senegalese kids rhymes, audio collages, peyote song affirmations, spiritual jazz seeking, shoegaze reassurances, and other similarly soothing sounds to start your week off right. Just another Monday morning on The AM.


  • Painterly
    Steve Gunn, David Moore • Let the Moon Be a Planet
  • Elsewhere
    Hayden Pedigo • The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored
  • Nymphe
    N NAO • L'eau et les rêves
  • Horizon
    Nashville Ambient Ensemble • Light and Space
  • Fractured Light
    AVAWAVES • Piano Day Single
  • With Her First Ever Steps She Walked To Me And She Was So Happy
    Dylan Henner • You Always Will Be
  • Glissalia
    Tim Hecker • No Highs
  • MARS
    Sketch Show • Loophole
  • Voyage
    Ashi Shonen • Divergence
  • Alive
    Easy Idiot • Monkey Fancy
  • Transcend I
    T. Gowdy • Miracles
  • A Memory of Hope
    Magic Sword • Badlands
  • 100 Years
    Ryan Bourne • Plant City
  • Morning Wonder
    The Earlies • These Were the Earlies
  • Xale (Toubab Dialaw Kids Rhyme)
    Wau Wau Collectif • Mariage
  • Pigeon Lake
    Rooster37 • Upside Down Inside Out EP
  • Tombo in M3
    A Certain Ratio • 1982
  • Pepe Pepaymemimo
    Position Normal • Stop Your Nonsense
  • Bedside Manner
    Position Normal • Stop Your Nonsense
  • Falun Gong Dancer
    Telefís • a hAon
  • Somewhere Beyond
    Uh Huh • Uh Huh
  • A Time to Blossom
    Modern Cosmology • What Will You Grow Now?
  • Bright Room
    LT Leif • Come Back to Me, But Lightly
  • Witchi Tai To
    Everything Is Everything • Everything is Everything
  • Bed & Breakfast
    Isolde Lasoen • Oh Dear
  • Kohan
    The Circling Sun • Spirits
  • Mystic You
    Colloboh • Saana Sahel EP
  • Mirage
    mohs. • Mirage
  • Sympathy & Vegetations
    Charles Spearin • My City Of Starlings
  • What a Waste of an Echo
    Spencer Cullum, featuring Dana Gavanski • Coin Collection 2
  • Surely Everything's Alright
    Sunnsetter • The best that I can be.
  • I am the magnet king of the east
    High Five • Salad Balloon