The A.M. – Episode May 8, 2023

Program: The A.M.

Length: 180 minutes

Rainy days hit different in spring—what could be gloomy feels brisk and refreshing, and you can practically feel the eagerness as the greenery drinks it all up. This week's AM is also a mix of overcast and refreshing, with spacy electronics and buzzing drone-pop, Floyd-inspired psychedelia and spiritual '70s soul-rock fusion. Drink it in and start your week hydrated, refreshed, and ready for whatever's on its way.


  • Words
    Jogging House • Danger
  • Lovely
    Khotin • Release Spirit
  • The blank code re-write
    Test Card • Channels
  • There Is No Up
    Lunar Lemur • Sifting Stars
  • Convex Phase
    Proxima Psychoacoustics • Kaznmward
  • The Road to Infinity
    Ørdop Wolkenscheidt • The Unexpected Death of a Time-Travelling Friend
  • We’ve Already Been Over This
    Quiet Winter • Peppermint Tea
  • A Young Girl of Medium Height
    Fenella • The Metallic Index
  • Kotal
    Tynes • Tynes
  • subspace
    zeta ii reliculi • voyager
  • Fall Apart
    Ashi Shonen • Divergence
  • Arkaras at Midnight
    Postnamers • Sissies & Sluts
  • Not With Standing
    Get the Blessing • Bristopia
  • Unsolicited Advice
    Charles Spearin • Single
  • Do Watcha Want
    Future Children • Twelve Summer Stories
  • Childhood McDonalds
    Shabason & Krgovich • At Scaramouche
  • Taste of Elastic
    LT Leif • Come Back to Me, But Lightly
  • Spiritual Sky
    Spiritual Concept • Spiritual Concept
  • Let's Take It All
    Spiritual Concept • Spiritual Concept
  • This Is How I Know You
    Ghostkeeper • Multidimensional Culture
  • Even the Very Wonder was Coloured
    United Freedom Collective • Space Intention EP
  • Nuska
    Maya Ongaku • Approach to Anima
  • Lie Down in Roses Dear
    ALL HANDS_MAKE LIGHT • Darling the Dawn
  • Rainbow
    White Poppy • Paradise Gardens
  • Gone Clear - Live
    William Tyler & The Impossible Truth • Secret Stratosphere
  • Cumulonimbus
    Arboria • Arboria
  • Green Trees
    Spencer Cullum • Coin Collection 2
  • Times Change
    Blume • Inner Vision
  • A Cloud I Dreamt
    Badge Époque Ensemble • Badge Époque Ensemble
  • What’s It Like Out Your Seaside
    Boys Age • Ring World
  • Victoria
    Mac DeMarco • Five Easy Hot Dogs
  • Sunlight is Collecting On My Face
    Dixie's Death Pool • The Man With Flowering Hands