The A.M. – Episode May 22, 2023

Program: The A.M.

Length: 180 minutes

Calgary may be in the midst of a smoke-filled Armageddon, but it's also the May long weekend, so, take your solace where you can get it. This week's episode (The AM's ninth anniversary, for what it's worth) alternates between blissful tunes and moments of anxiety, but hopefully lands on the right side of reassuring. Hope you enjoy it.


  • Carve the Ruins
    Hollie Kenniff • We All Have Places That We Miss
  • Ramblers' Dance
    Gilroy Mere • Gilden Gate
  • Into Through Exit Wormhole
    Test Card • Channels
  • Mockingbird
    Various Artists, featuring Salamanda • Gudu & Friends Vol. 1
  • Perspex
    Plaid • Feorm Falorx
  • Tape
    Joni Void • Everyday Is The Song
  • In Re Budd
    Penguin Cafe • Single
  • Like When We Were Kids
    Harrison • Birds, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees
  • Easy Going
    Sven Wunder • Single
  • It’s Not Up to Us
    Byard Lancaster • It’s Not Up to Us
  • Way Better Than I Expected
    Peter Zummo • Deep Drive 2 +
  • Awake
    Leland Whitty • Anyhow
  • DayDreamer
    DeadDeer • Background Music for The End of The World
  • Wav
    Rich Aucoin • Synthetic – A Synth Odyssey: Season 2
  • Ale Woule
    United Freedom Collective • Space Intention EP
  • Cinema
    Spencer Zahn, Dave Harrington, Jeremy Gustin • A Visit To Harry's House
  • Patchwork
    Laurie Spiegel • The Expanding Universe
  • Clutch Pearlers
    Clark • Sus Dog
  • Lost Time
    Fridge • The Sun
  • Sorti
    Sten Bergman • Lyckohjulet
  • (There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me
    Alejandro Bravo • Alejandro Bravo
  • Manhã De Sol
    Piry E Seu Conjunto • Carinhoso
  • Dream Club
    Ryan Bourne • Plant City
  • Don’t Doom Me, Now
    Mega Bog • End Of Everything
  • Ascents
    Bodywash • I Held The Shape While I Could
  • Pest Control
    Pozi • Smiling Pools
  • Can I Call You
    The WAEVE • The WAEVE
  • Sand
    Chairs • Drawn Into Mazes
  • Santa Cabeça
    Bike • Arte Bruta
  • Awesiinh (A-Way-See)
    Zoon • Bekka Ma'iingan
  • From Me to You/From You to Me
    Crystal Eyes • The Female Imagination
  • Cry Fire
    Alan Vega • Just A Million Dreams