The Drop and The Turning – Episode June 13, 2022

Program: The Drop and The Turning

Length: 60 minutes

chik white - feeding the marsh

A one-hour interview with experimental jaw-harpist, actor, and writer Darcy Spidle, who releases work under the name chik white and is based in West Chezzetcook.

Musical excerpts, in order of their placement in the interview:

Intro – chik white and Philadelphia guitarist Bill Nace, on the album 'off motion' – to be released later in 2022 xY3-rat – from a split with Vancouver Noise artist Hermit – to be released later in 2022
Excerpt from part 2 of chik white's ‘Wind Wound’ – coming out this winter
Excerpt for the 2004 record ‘NoiseBloodAssault’ by The Hold Erasing, from the aforementioned Biill Nace collaboration Joseph, from the Hermit split
Nose Wires from chik white's ‘Solo Horn’, out now on Soundholes
Excerpt from Johann Georg Albrecthsberger’s Concerto for Jaw Harp, Mandora and Orchestra