The Drop and The Turning – Episode July 11, 2022

Program: The Drop and The Turning

Length: 60 minutes

Bongga Bongga - A conversation with April Aliermo

A one-hour conversation between New Works Calgary Artistic Director rebecca bruton, and Filipina-Canadian musician April Aliermo.

For the last 10 years, playing bass, synths and samplers, April Aliermo has extensively toured North America, Europe and Asia with her rock and electronic bands, Hooded Fang and Phèdre. In 2018, she begun her solo foray into sound art. She mentored under pioneering sound artist Christina Kubisch at the Darmstadt Summer Course New Music Festival, studying and recording "hidden" electromagnetic sounds as well as site specific, immersive sound installations. Since then, she has performed and installed her own sound art pieces at The Music Gallery and Long Winter in Toronto and Pique in Ottawa. As a Filipina-Canadian artist, April attempts to create sonic works that uncover clandestine narratives, while gently asking one to question socio-political systems and reality.

Music featured in this episode, in order of appearance in the conversation:

1. Artemis of Colour (Excerpt 1) - Audio recorded at the Music Gallery by: Paul Hodge, 2019.

2. Artemis of Colour (Excerpt 2) - Audio recorded at the Music Gallery by: Paul Hodge, 2019.

3. Zenith, by Phèdre (Excerpt) - Released 2020. 4. Happy Meal? 02 (Excerpt) - 5. Happy Meal? 02 (Excerpt) - 6. Simula (Teaser Excerpt) - 7. Simula (Teaser Excerpt) -