The Drop and The Turning – Episode February 13, 2023

Program: The Drop and The Turning

Length: 57 minutes

Jonathan Kawchuk - Everything You See Was Once Alive

A conversation between New Works Calgary Artistic Director rebecca bruton, and Albertan composer, wilderness-recordist and paleontology-enthusiast Jonathan Kawchuk. Jonathan is fascinated by how the music and sound we create can interact with, and stem from, the natural world (rather than just mirror the sounds and structures we hear). Much like a documentary might aim to illustrate facts about a subject, his work aims to document, archive, and translate the emotional atmosphere of non-human natural environments.

Audio excerpts are all from Jonathan's 2022 album Everywhen. In order of their placement in the interview:
,look at this distractor
Talus Talus Tallis
Death of a Poacher
Solar Plexus
Place So Thin