The Failed Pilot/Copilot – Episode December 3, 2015


  • Ain't Got No Sense
    Teenage Head • Teenage Head with Marky Ramone
  • A Jingle for the Product
    Dillenger Four • Civil War
  • Securing My Seat
    Hostage Life • Walking Papers
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Drunken Man
    Rum Runner • What's the Music Mean to You
  • On a Front
    Bobnoxious • Superscar
  • Scrambled Eggs
    The Painted Sticks • Three Lefts Make A Right
  • Seattle
    Chron Goblin • Backwater
  • Back to the River
    We Hunt Buffalo • Living Ghosts
  • Bloody Mastiff
    Black Mastiff • Music Machine
  • Palo Verde
    Waingro • Mt. Hood
  • Public Taser
    Shooting Guns • Born to Deal in Magic
  • Vinland Map
    Twin Fangs • Street Sweeper
  • Snake Eyes
    Fake Cops • Absolutely Your Credit is Excellent
  • How Many Atoms?
    Hot Little Rocker • Our Work and Why We Do It
  • I Wanna Mix
    Dog Day • Deformer
  • Best Thing for Me to Do
    Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars • Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars
  • Ridicule
    Kestrels • Primary Colours
  • Summer Sun
    Slow Down Molasses • Summer Sun B/W Winter Sun
  • The Height of Land
    The Details • Draw a Distance Draw A Border
  • Endless Summer
    Mise En Scene • Desire's Despair
  • Combustion Burrito
    The Special Edisons • S/T
  • Baby, Let's Go Out Tonight
    The Ripperz • The Ripperz
  • Hot Chevette
    Wafer Thin Mints • The Finest Car They Ever Built in 1983
  • Whiskey
    The Collapse • The Collapse
  • Don't Buy Me Roses
    Ben Rogers • The Bloodred Yonder
  • Can't You Hear Them Howl?
    Lucero • All A Man Should Do
  • The D-Day Dodgers
    Richard Inman • 30 Days
  • Back to You
    Logan McKillop • Prarie Sky