The Folk Song Hour – Episode June 5, 2018


  • Banjo Solo
    Lifus Gibson • The Library of Congress Banjo Collection
  • Jack the Rabbit
    The Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues • Killin' Me!
  • Pretty Polly
    E.C. Ball • High Atmosphere
  • Abe's Retreat
    New Lost City Ramblers • There Ain't No Way Out
  • Room At The Top Of The Stairs
    David Grisman, John Hartford & Mike Seeger • Retrograss (Live)
  • Ragtime Blues
    Richard • Sweet Man
  • No More Rocking And Rolling
    King Sparrow • Calypso
  • Far From My Land Of Sunshine
    Alonzo Cruz • Blind Troubador of Oaxaca
  • Vengo Del Prado
    Trio Lira Paucina • Huayno Music of Peru, Vol. 1
  • Goodbye Old Paint
    Meredith Axelrod • Jalopy 7 Inch Series
  • Tinikling Ha Bayo
    Fiesta Filipina • Music of the Philippines
  • Penhey
    Uda Tengah • Smithsonian Folkways World Music Collection
  • Play One More
    Ian & Sylvia • Newport Folk and Jazz Festival
  • Black Jack David
    The Carter Family • N/A
  • What Did The Buzzard Say To The Crow?
    Hobart Smith • In Sacred Trust: The 1963 Fleming Brown Tapes
  • Echo
    Mandolin Orange • Blindfaller