The Folk Song Hour – Episode June 12, 2018

A special 3-hour live broadcast from the Market on Stephen Ave


  • Lazy John
    Foghorn Stringband • Pickathon 2010
  • Old Bell Cow
    Mike Seeger • Animal Songs For Children...And Other People! Disc 2
  • My Old Horse Dired
    Dock Boggs • Legendary Singer & Banjo Player
  • Milk Em In The Evening Blues
    The McGee Brothers & Arthur Smith • Milk Em In The Evening Blues
  • El Corrido De Nogales
    Robert Lee Benton, Jr. & Oscar Gonzalez • Heroes & Horses Corridos From The Arizona-Sonora Border
  • Texas Cowboy
    Glenn Ohrlin • A Cowboy's Life
  • The Homestead On The Farm
    The Romaniuk Family • Point Recordings
  • Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Further in the Fire
    Rockhouse Stringband • High On a Mountain
  • Pig Meat Blues
    Whistler And His Jug Band • Violen, Sing The Blues For Me: African American Fiddlers
  • The Honest Farmer
    The Dust Busters with John Cohen • Old Man Below
  • Cluck Old Hen
    The High Quadra Ramblers • N/A
  • Farmer
    Charlie Parr • Roustabout
  • Poor Old Dirt Farmer
    The New Lost City Ramblers • 40 Years of Concert Recordings
  • Single-Footing Horse
    The McGee Brothers and Arthur Smith • Milk Em In The Evening Blues
  • El Palomino Y El Gancho
    Francisco Federico & Antonio Gonzalez • Heros & Horses Corridos From The Arizona-Sonora Border
  • Little Old Sod Shanty
    Mike Tod & Robbie Bankes • Heritage Songs Vol. 2A: Homesteader Songs
  • Pig At Home In The Pen
    The McGee Brothers & Arthur Smith • Milk Em In The Evening Blues
  • Down On Penny's Farm
    The Bently Boys • Anthology of American Folk Music Vol. 1B
  • Cowboys Swing
    Hackberry Ramblers • N/A
  • Pig In A Pen
    George Pegram • Music from South Turkey Creek
  • Rocky Mountain Goat
    Ted Gossett • Kentucky Mountain Music Disc 2
  • Milk Cow Blues
    Howard Armstrong • Louie Bluie Film Soundtrack
  • Farmer Grey
    Hinson, Pitts & Coley • Classic Field Recordings - The Landmark Country Sessions
  • The Alberta Homestead
    Alan Mills & Gordon Fleming • Canada A Folksong Portrait
  • Anna Lee
    Levon Helm • Dirt Farmer
  • The Derby Ram
    A.L. Lloyd • Australian Bush Ballads and Shearer Tunes
  • Calgary
    Kacy & Clayton • Live at the Calgary Folk Music Festival
  • Rio Grande
    Great Speckled Bird • Great Speckled Bird
  • The Bravest Cowboy
    Ron Kane & Skip Gorman • Powder River
  • Fado em La Maior
    Armandinho • 18 Consagracao
  • James Bay
    Lloyd Cheechoo • Native North America Vol 1
  • James Bay Doings
    Sinclair Cheechoo • The Best Cree Fiddle Players of James Bay
  • I Want To Go
    Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Quartet • The Bristol Sessions 1927-28
  • Got the Bottle Up and Gone
    John Lee Williamson • Down South
  • Ep 5 - Swamp Donkey Amps
    Erin Ross • Crafted in Southern Alberta
  • I Smell a Rat
    Big Mama Thorton • Greatest Moments
  • Mannish Boy
    Muddy Waters • Hard Again
  • Little Black Train
    Anna & Elizabeth • Anna & Elizabeth
  • Macorina
    Chavela Vargas • Un Canto Al Pueblo
  • Where the Sparrows Drop
    One Hundred Dollars • Songs of Man
  • Adios Maria
    The Cactus Blossoms • The Cactus Blossoms
  • Mansarda
    João Ferreira-Rosa • 18 Consagracao
  • Big Iron
    Marty Robbins • Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs
  • Sands Turns To Glass
    Elliot C Way • Red Couch Sessions