The Fourth Line Grind – Episode May 7, 2020

An interview with Pope Joan's Sacha Crow, and a look into the Battle of Quebec during the 1984 Stanley Cup playoffs.

60 minutes


  • Praying At The Feet Of Your Love
    Bruce Peninsula • No Earthly Sound
  • Mountain View
    Amos The Kid • Mountain View
  • Tall Girl
    Wares • Survival
  • The Last Nun You'll Ever Fuck With
    Pope Joan • Sympathetic and They Care
  • The Worst In Us
    The Dears • Lovers Rock
  • Two Minds
    Cayley Thomas • How Else Can I Tell You?
  • Brick
    Oblomov • Steady Drip Of A Broken Spout
  • Comfort
    Numbing • Make Yourself Hard To Kill
  • Les Boo
    SPEAK EASY • Rainbow River
  • Details
    Petey Cruiser • Hilltop
  • Bus Stop World
    Cartoon Lizard • Bless You, Thank You