The Future Language – Episode August 18, 2017

DON'T 4GET BOUT DAT //SOLAR\\ ECLIPSE (of the heart) THIS MONDAY 1000 MST (next one 2044, start planning your life around that one too)


  • Sunny Day
    Pigbag • Dr Heckle and Mr Jive
  • TV's On the Blink
    The Action • TV's On the Blink EP
  • Steppin' Stone
    Cardboard Brains • Cardboard Brains 77 EP
  • Switchblade Love
    The Curse • Teenage Meat
  • Behind Closed Doors
    Chron Gen • Chronic Generation
  • Whatever Happened to Guy
    Teen X-Ray • Spirits Dogroll
  • Hanuman
    Hanuman • Taue Der Fremdheit
  • Stara Planina
    Ruins • Refusal Fossil
  • Back Downtown
    Certain General • Holiday of Love
  • Outside My Door
    Can • Monster Movie
  • My Daughter the Water
    Post Depression Makeout Session • Single
  • Flashback
    The Futures • Electric Wave From the Underworld
  • Flesh
    CHEAP WIG • Agoness
  • No Human Contacts
    Coma In Algiers • Happy Forever
  • Ends Inside
    Cowards • World Champions In Male Chastity
  • Choked
    Constant Mongrel • Heavy Breathing
  • The Munsters Theme
    Comateens • Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Halloween
  • Spiders
    Bruce Haack • The Electronic Record For Children
  • I Ain't No Robot
    Plan Nine • I Ain't No Robot EP
  • Bloodshot Eye
    Chrome Cranks • Dead Cool
  • National Unity
    Forgotten Rebels • In Love With the System
  • Telex Love
    Existers • Depreciation
  • Something To Do / Dreaming Backwards
    Buba & The Shop Assistants • Something To Do / Dreaming Backwards EP
  • Hands Down
    Neo Boys • Crumbling Myths
  • Desert Corpse
    Androgynous Mind • Night Stalker
  • Christopher
    Rema Rema • The Men With the Deadly Dreams
  • Nichts
    Lied Des Teufels • Lied Des Teufels
  • No Money
    Klo • No Money b/w The Parking Lot Song
  • I'm Canadian Beer
    Joe Naylor • I'm Canadian Beer b/w I Hate Fluorescent Lights
  • Butcher's Spume, Libidinous Lapping
    solange • Why The Curious Droppings Of Lustmord About The Mouth Of Pubescence?
  • Big Noise From the Jungle
    The Tiller Boys • Big Noise From the Jungle EP
  • US-Invasion
    Pension Stammheim • Pension Stammheim
  • Hit It All
    Todd Sesh and Power Sesh • Straight Outta the Park