The Nocturntable – Episode July 20, 2019

It is I, Nat Kaos, unleashed from the RAGE CAGE, crankin' it up til you're bouncin' from one planet to another!


  • Woodpeckers From Mars
    Faith No More • The Real Thing
  • Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata in #C Minor
    Pandemik9 • The Righteous Ones
  • Grotto of the Endless Moon
    Urheimat • Eight Essence From the Earthen Tome
  • Metal Heavy
    Hellrazer, featuring Ralf Scheepers • Bonecrusher
  • Hail to the Fear
    Primal Fear • Apocalypse
  • Wings of the Crow
    Red Cain, featuring Kobra Paige • kindred Act I
  • Northern Town
    Royal Tusk • Tusk II
  • Christine's Interview with Royal Tusk
    . • .
  • Cold On Me
    Royal Tusk • Dealbreaker
  • World, Flesh and Devil
    Hatriot • From Days Unto Darkness
  • Impact is Imminent
    Exodus • Impact is Imminent
  • Raining Blood
    Slayer • Decade of Aggression
  • Black Magic
    Slayer • Decade of Aggression
  • Mass To the Witch
    Pecado • 7Psalms-7Sins
  • 1495 Death Train
    The Projectionist • Frostbitten Northern Void
  • Sworn to the Black
    Morbid Angel • Covenant
  • Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)
    Metal Church • Metal Church
  • Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple cover)
    Dimmu Borgir • Abrahadabra
  • Slow an' Easy
    Whitesnake • Slip of the Tongue (Original U.K. Mix)