The Palgary Almanac – Episode May 9, 2024

Program: The Palgary Almanac

Length: 22 minutes

Canadian director of a the new documentary film "Arab Women Say What?!" produced by the National Film Board. The film is a radical contemplation on politics, identity and home, unfolding through the provocative conversations, hospitality and openness of a group of Arab women.



  • The Tennis Song
    Kris Demeanor • Songs for my Father to Fall Asleep To
  • Fading
    Kee Avil • Spine
  • No Machine
    AdriAnne Lenker • Bright Future
  • Night Shift
    Leaf Rapids • Velvet Paintings
  • Beautiful Ordinary
    Jane Penny • Surfacing
  • Three Floors, The Doors
    Abby Sage • The Rot
  • Born Inside a Cactus
    The Golden Age of Wrestling • Scorpion Deathlock
  • A Figure in the Surf
    Mount Kimbie • The Sunset Violent
  • Es Una Fantasia
    Halado Negro • Phasor
  • Can't Wait
    Kasha Lee • I Want To EP
  • Teleharmonic
    The Smile • Wall of Eyes
  • Lockstep
    Cindy Lee • Diamond Jubilee
  • Childlike Empress
    Beams • Requim for a Planet
  • Cauldron
    Touching • I Can Be Two People At Once
  • Look to the East, Look to the West
    Camera Obscura • Look to the East, Look to the West
  • Canopy
    Charlotte Day Wilson • Cyan Blue
  • Terres Infinies
    Halo Maud • Celebrate
  • Happy man's shoes
    TORRES • What an Enormous Room
  • The Power's Out
    St Vincent • All Born Screaming
  • Tttttime
    Faye Webster • Undressed at the Symphony
  • Song for Pete
    Hovvdy • Hovvdy
  • Return to Life
    Boeckner • Boeckner!