Them Fatale – Episode March 21, 2023

Community, community - what would we do without you? Amidst today's selection of tasty tunes, we highlight the importance of connecting with one another especially during such dangerous and unpredictable times like right now in North America. It is with great delight that we are joined by folks from local queer collective, Lavender Club. Check out their upcoming event March 29th from 6-9PM at Globe Cinema. Learn more at: Follow Lavender Club on Instagram! @LavenderClubYYC


  • Water Me Down (Pamcy Remix)
    Vagabon • Water Me Down (Pamcy Remix) - Single
  • Receipt
    Ashi Shonen • Divergence
  • Televisionless
    Vav Jungle • Oui Cafe
  • Violet Dreams
    Teekay Othello • Luv Letters 2
  • You're Not Real You're Just a Ghost
    Sophia Bel • Anxious Avoidant Deluxe
  • Unholy
    Sam Smith, featuring Kim Petras • Gloria
  • Quarantine
    Selina Martin • Time Spent Swimming
  • Slow Down
    Planet Giza • You Don't Understand
  • Rhyme Dust
    MK, featuring Dom Dolla • Rhyme Dust - single
  • People Ain't Dancing
    Billen Ted, featuring Kah-Lo • People Ain't Dancing
  • Poison - Club Shy Remix
    Shygirl • Poison - Club Shy Remix
  • Crash Course
    Blu DeTiger, featuring Biig Piig • Crash Course (ft. Biig Piig)
    TyriqueOrDie • MIDNIGHT RAVERS
  • day to day
    Dua Saleh • CROSSOVER
  • Father Figure
    Bliss Samsa • Father Figure - Single
  • Boundaries - DRAMA Remix
    Jamila Woods • Boundaries - DRAMA Remix - Single
  • Connections
    Rubayne • Connections EP
  • Wake
    Self-Cut Bangs • Circle Around the Free
  • prada (i like it)
    Mura Masa, featuring LEILAH • demon time
  • Another Level
    Hyaenas • Little Trophy EP
  • One Day
    White Lung • Premonition
  • Mom Jeans // Mom Genes
    Miesha and the Spanks • Mom Jeans // Mom Genes - Single
  • Push Myself Away
    The Trade-Offs • let go, give in, fall down
  • Link
    Atsuko Chiba • Water, It Feels Like It's Growing
  • Prairie Fire
    I Am A Coyote • Hometown Mystic