This Land is Your Land – Episode January 2, 2018

Happy new year! We are broadcasting live with 2017 music for a 2018 revolution


  • Outro (Protest Songs)
    Hatfield • Protest Songs EP
  • Coffee Song
    Brett Wildeman • The Tools We Possess
  • Bright Lights
    Dori Freeman • Letters Never Read
  • When the Wall Comes Down
    Hiss Golden Messenger • Hallelujah Anyhow
  • My Heart Is A Piece of Garbage. Fight Seagulls! Fight!
    Geoff Berner • Canadiana Grotesquica
  • Blk Girl Soldier
    Jamila Woods • HEAVN
  • Hallelujah
    Jayme Stone • Folklife
  • Here Am I, Oh Lord, Send Me
    Max Godfrey • Before the Ice Melts
  • A Place Called England
    Young'uns • Strangers
  • Busted
    The Dustbowl Revival • The Dustbowl Revival
  • You Could Be a Salmon
    Black Spruce Bog • The Hatchery Session
  • Histoires de fantomes
    Canailles • Backflips
  • Matthew VanDyke
    The Trials of Cato • The Trials of Cato
  • Save Me From Another Day
    Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer • Apocalipstick
  • Which Side Are You On?
    Windborne • Song on the Times
  • The Death of Waylon Green
    Murder Murder • Wicked Lines & Veins
  • Bob Crow
    Fit and the Conniptions • Old Blue Witch
  • Petrograd
    Washington Irving • August 1914
  • Brittania Mine
    Sarah Jane Scouten • When The Bloom Falls From The Rose
  • Bosses Hang, Pt. III
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor • Luciferian Towers
  • Mercury
    Sufjan Stevens • Planetarium
  • Seven Generations
    Jack Pine and the Fire • Left To Our Own Devices
  • Sedition
    Shannon Murray • Hallalujah! I'm a Bum
  • Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
    Dana Wylie • The Earth That You're Made Of