This Land is Your Land – Episode January 9, 2018

Hearts starve as well as bodies — give us bread, but give us roses! The 1912 Lawrence textile strike comes to life on the FM dial in song.


  • Rant in Blue
    The Wooden Sky • When Lost At Sea
  • Don't Play Cards With Corby Lund
    Geoff Berner • Canadiana Grotesquica
  • Towns
    Gunner & Smith • He Once Was a Good Man
  • David
    The Strumbellas • Hope
  • Hey Dynasty, Don't Forget...
    audio/rocketry • Piloting a Vehicle of Audible Expression
  • I've Always Been a Gambler
    Murder Murder • Wicked Lines & Veins
  • Don't Get Trouble in Mind
    The Lonesome Ace Stringband • Old Time
  • America The Beautiful
    Buffy Sainte-Marie • Medicine Songs
  • Sugar City
    Old Man Canyon • Delirium
  • Bread and Roses
    Utah Phillips • We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years
  • I Am a Union Woman
    Aunt Molly Jackson, John Greenway • The Songs and Stories of Aunt Molly Jackson
  • And Am I Born To Die
    Bela Fleck, Abigail Washburn • Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn
  • One Big Union for Two
    Rose Marie Jun, Jack Carroll • Pins and Needles
  • The Factory Girl
    Bobbie McGee • Bread and Raises: Songs for Working Women
  • Won't You Come and Sing for Me
    Alice Gerrand, Hazel Dickens • Pioneering Women of Bluegrass
  • Weave Room Blues
    The New Lost City Ramblers • There Ain't No Way Out
  • Factory Girl
    Kronos Quartet, Rhiannon Giddens • Folk Songs
  • We Are Building A Strong Union
    Joe Glazer • Textile Voices: Songs and Stories of the Mills
  • Sing Me A Song With Social Significance
    Deborah Van Kleef • Work In Progress
  • Doing The Reactionary
    Cab Calloway • New York 1937-1938, Vol. B
  • Mill Was Made of Marble
    Magpie • When We Stand Together
  • I Fight for the Union
    PP Slaggart • Down with the Tyrants
  • Give Me That Textile Workers Union
    Joe Glazer • Textile Voices: Songs and Stories of the Mill
  • Easy Way Out
    Chicken-Like Birds • Moving On
  • Nancy
    Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer • Apocalipstick